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Music Video System

Automated Control

You have created your entertainment and marketing plan and communicated how you want it managed, only to learn certain members of your team consistently do what they want to do instead. That frustration stops today!
Control Play Console to easily manage your Player

The Control Player Music Video System is designed specifically for bars and restaurants. It puts you in control of your music, music video and digital signage. User-friendly automated tools save you time and money while creating a consistent branded experience for your customers.

We understand that no two businesses are alike and that cookie cutter solutions only provide mediocre results. This is why our Music Video System is dynamic and highly customizable for complex solution requirements.

Core features include:
  • Onsite and remote management
  • Simple integration into existing infrastructure
  • Content and programming updates seamlessly facilitated with no business interruption
  • Pre-configuration for plug 'n' play operation
  • HQ components for reliable performance backed with a 3 year onsite warranty
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The Control Play scheduling tool allows you to build a custom 7-day schedule, strategically placing digital signage and entertainment content throughout the day. This is a necessary tool for managing the changing needs of day parts in your bar and restaurant.
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The scheduler is built right into the player so you can make changes and apply them to your active schedule quickly and easily. You can access your schedule remotely from any internet connection, you can make changes from anywhere in the world!

The Control Play scheduler is the key to easily executing the perfect, music, music video and digital signage program for your bar and restaurant.