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Public Performance Licensing For Your Business Music

In the USA, most public performances of music are licensed through ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. These performance rights organizations are set up to act as agents for their publisher and songwriter members. 787 Networks have agreements with all three of the US societies that authorize the performance of the organization's catalog consistent with the terms of each license agreement.
787 and our operating Networks are licenced for both music and music video.
Uses Other Than 787 Networks

Our licenses alone do not give the subscriber the right to engage a DJ to play music, to hire a live band to perform or karaoke service. Our licenses similarly do not cover:

Performing music other than our services or charging admission is not authorized by the 787 licenses. This will require the subscriber to obtain their own agreements for these uses.

  • SESAC: 787 Video Account # 15-41-01019
  • BMI: 787 Video Account # 2990543
  • ASCAP: 787 Video Account # 500764274
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