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Digital Signage

Entertain, Engage & Inform

Many bars have a TV in the corner playing a power point rotation of offers. Some are still promoting New Year’s Eve in March! This is hardly engaging, let alone effective. We believe your Infotainment strategy needs to engage and influence your customers to ultimately increase your sales through relevant offers.

It is proven that the closer the customer is to the point of purpose, the more effective digital signage is. Our customers achieve this in their bars with an Infotainment strategy. What is Infotainment? Infotainment is the integration of entertainment content with information content that interests your customers such as featured drinks, appetizer specials, upcoming games and special events at your bar. Entertaining, relevant information is your key to increased sales. Relevance is achieved with custom branded messages that are delivered during appropriate parts of the day.

Our business success has been built on the understanding that our subscribers are counting on us to make it easy to promote their business. We review your food and beverage offerings, day part traffic, special event marketing and customer sports preferences. A strategic marketing schedule is then created to leverage your known traffic patterns to maximize sales throughout the day.

This is how we have become the leaders in digital signage for bars.

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Video Text

- Unexpected special events?

- Sports Events?

- Want to give promotional offers
that extra push?

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Control Play Video Text is your solution!

Instantly create messages on your TVs to promote food & beverage products, make birthday dedications and announce upcoming events. Create, save and schedule unlimited messages to automatically play at scheduled times.

Video Text is exclusive to Control Play and is the perfect addition to the digital signage for your bar!

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Custom Content

We appreciate that digital signage is like no other media and the challenges that it presents in the restaurant and bar environment.

We have created hundreds of spots for bars and restaurants. Our marketing and design experts will work with you to create effective digital signage coupled with strategic delivery to provide sales results with our proven design process.

  • Agree on objectives, create story board and play schedule
  • Provide spot preview for approval
  • Once approved, upload to your player and schedule as specified

Rule #1

The more specific the information regarding your offer, the more effective the content will be.

Rule #2

The closer the message is delivered to the point of purchase, the more effective the content will be.

  • 15 to 30 seconds audio
  • Script assistance
  • Stock Background Music
Audio Only - Preview screnshot
  • 30 seconds image
  • Your text, logo,
  • or stock footage
Static Image - Preview screnshot
  • 15 to 30 seconds animation
  • Animated text, logo,
  • or stock footage
Video Only - Preview screenshot
  • 15 to 30 seconds animation
  • Audio script assistance
  • Animated text, logo, or stock footage
Audio+Video Only - Preview screenshot